Sunday, July 20, 2008

USA Weekend Insert

Did you get your Sunday paper today? Check out the USA Weekend Insert that has a huge article on "how to save on nearly anything". If you save paper (or money) by reading articles and news on the internet, its also available online.

Just a couple of highlights...

To elaborate further on Saturday's entry on used stores and consignment shops, USA Weekend has some helpful links to find places in your area: You can find local thrift stores here, or consignment shops at this website. The article also mentions outlet stores, which I forgot to, and there is a website you can look up those as well. I did not find the consignment shop website all of that useful since there were none listed in my area, but the thrift store website was much more helpful. Happy clothes shopping!

When dining out, try to budget out ahead of time what you would like so you do not overspend. You can view menus to thousands of restaurants online at or At, you can even make reservations and earn points.

Looking to compare grocery store prices for those competitor coupons? Try to compare prices at your local stores without driving all around town. After trying it out, this site is really helpful with finding coupons and ads for your own local area. You don't even need to buy the paper to get ads from Smart Source or Red Plum anymore! You can print the coupons on their website (Mac Users need to be using Safari to do so, FYI). Beyond that, I wasn't even aware of how many places technically sell groceries (Family Dollar, for instance) in my town!

The article also highlights how to save money on gas, haircuts, travel, entertainment, garden/lawn care, and furniture. Check it out and see how you can start saving more!

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SophiaOnFire said...

I can't wait to dig out that insert! I've never used GroceryGuide before - I tend to use, but I'm going to check out this one too.

Love your blog!