Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

The husband and I are headed out to baseball game today, and tomorrow as well (big fan, if you can't tell). Anyways, since we will already be hit with high gas prices for the ride there (we live about an hour away) and parking costs at about $8, I will be making some yummy snacks for the car ride for supper so we do not purchase concession stand food. I will likely hit up the grocery store tonight to pick up a few basic items, for sandwiches and chips. Although nothing beats ball park dogs, when you add it all up, 2 hot dogs plus 2 sodas comes up to around $20, depending on the park. If you only go to a game once in a while, its understandable to just use the money for your fun night out and get the good food. However, this will be our 4th or 5th game this season (I think) and since we are coming out tomorrow as well, things can get pricey with gas plus parking plus program/scorecard plus concession food. Its also important to note that, as far as I know, although you might want to check with your local ball park, food is not illegal to bring inside the park. Drinks, however, are. It is not like a movie theater, as I feel it may seem to most. Think of getting into a ball park is just like going through airport security with a carry on, basically no liquids and no very large bags or coolers. So be smart and pack some goodies ahead of time so that if you need to, you might only have to spend $3 on a bottle of water. (There should be water fountains at the stadium too I would hope.) Play ball!

note: In the comments listed under this entry someone was concerned that I was advocating for the use of bottled water, which I am not. Bottled water is highly wasteful. However, in comparison to other beverages, water is by far the healthiest. After conducting some further research on my local ballpark, I have found that you can bring water in a plastic cup or bottle into the park, but no other type of liquid container or liquid. Be sure to check the regulations of your local sporting arena, because I am sure it varies by location. Thanks again for the comment.


Anonymous said...

Many people do not realize how bad bottled water may be. This link will give you 5 good reasons to consider giving up bottled water if you are looking to be green and frugal

Frugal Green Girl said...

I agree, bottled water is actually quite wastely and potential harmful. My best recommendation is to find a good bottle and fill it consistently. However, it is a little harder to do such at a ball park. Thanks!