Sunday, July 20, 2008

Planet Green - Watch it!

If you like television, might I suggest giving Planet Green a look, if you have it. Recently I have been turning it on when I can find nothing else, and I still have yet to find I show on the network I do not like. We also have most of the shows available On Demand since the channel is so new. One of my favorites, Renovation Nation, is a great show that looks at what people do to either make their home more green, or to build a home entirely green. I used to be in interior design in college, so I find green design particularly interesting. I never knew you could collect rain water off of your roof to run the toilets in your house! Some day...
Anyways, there is also another great show, Emeril Green, which is basically Emeril, but on this show he finds someone with a tough cooking situation, like having a vegetarian daughter and another meat loving daughter, and takes them through the local natural foods market or co-op, and shows them how to buy and cook the food. I'm learning a lot so far (plus I am not really much of a cook yet anyways), and I am definitely going to try the sweet potato french fries! All the recipes are available on the Planet Green website.
There are a ton of other great shows that can teach you a lot about how to be more green, or make you feel a little more at home if you are trying it yourself. Its nice to see so many people concerned about the environment and keeping our Earth a beautiful place!

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