Monday, July 7, 2008

Grocery Shopping and Coca-Cola

So today I followed a tip I read when grocery shopping: make a list of what you have, and go through the store searching only for those items. Grocery stores are obviously designed to make you go through tons of products before finding what you want. Fun Fact: Industry experts say you will spend an extra $2 per minute in the store after buying everything you need. Its a very "masculine" way of shopping in my experience, which is basically... not browsing. Maybe it would save a lot of money to just send the husband out to the store, who knows? Although it was effective in reducing my amount of items, I still bought a mat for the dog (not on the list), which in my opinion, he needed.

In other news, I have also gotten a year subscription to Ready Made, a magazine which shows you how to make things for around the home and finding multiple uses for things you already have. I am a sucker for my creative side, I am always making crafts and things, so this magazine fits right in line with what keeps me happy and productive. But, hey, I hear you say, that's spending money! Ah ah, if you are a frequent buyer of Coke products, use your points to get cool stuff like magazine subscriptions, and other things that might suit your fancy. We frequently buy 24 packs of soda, worth 20 points each, and magazine subscriptions (they do have many different flavors) typically cost around the 110-125 point range. So after 6 or 7 packs of soda, you have it already. There, you got the green, and the money saving aspects in one swoop. (Just be sure you recycle the magazines.) Awesome!

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