Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Spend some time at Ecobunga

Looking for great deals on organic and green products? provides great coupons, sales, rebates, and news regarding green and organic products you may find in your area or online. The founders of Ecobunga provide incentive for you to go green if you don't think it will save you money, and from what I have found from the beginning of this mission, is that being green means saving money most of the time anyways. Their goal is to provide you with all the resources to go green without being a major inconvenience for you or to make it a more expensive choice. But, as Kate Gosslin says (Jon & Kate Plus Eight on TLC), even if it is more expensive, I hope you see going organic as an investment in your health.

So anyways, if you are looking for some good deals on organic products, check out Ecobunga. If you check my blog often, there is an Ecobunga feed along the side bar if you want to see what recent deals have been posted. Go green! :)

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Steve said...

Here's a site that provides free listing for consignment shops. I found it while looking for a shop in my area.