Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Taking the Bus in the City

Well, before I got my car in February, I took the city bus pretty much everywhere for the past 5 and a half years. I don't think I need to tell you that taking public transit saves the Earth and saves you on gas, which is getting more and more pricey, so I will cut to the technology that is making your life easier. Fortunately, I lived in a small town, and the maps were pretty easy to read and to find an appropriate route. For those of you in bigger towns and cities, this might be a little more difficult. Looking at a route map can be incredibly complex and not very detailed, and you might just say screw it, I'll take a cab, or my own car. Luckily, Google is in the process, and currently has many cities and towns public transit routes available on Google Transit. All you have to do is give your starting location and your destination, just like on Google Maps, and boom, you have a route planned all out to get where you need to go, and a list with the times you are looking to leave, no questions asked. There are routes available for bus systems, subway systems, public rails, etc. Unfortunately, this service is only available to a limited amount of cities, but I am sure Google will have more cities up soon, they are quick in getting things like this up. I saw this on my local news since it has moved into our area, and would recommend it to those living in appropriate areas.

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