Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sell that Crap!

About a month ago, even though we have recently moved into a much bigger place, I noticed we still have too much stuff and are close to filling most of the space we just moved into. So, after going though my books, video games, and DVDs, I decided to start selling them on half.com
Only after a few days, I was selling the majority of my DVDs and video games, meanwhile the books, since they were a little older and textbooks, none the less, were a little harder to sell. The books I have sold were novels from English classes in college, so its no wonder they sell. The sweet thing about selling on half.com is you don't need to take pictures of your stuff, like you would on ebay, you can still use your ebay account, and your sale is automatically transfered into your listed bank account. There is a small commission for selling on half.com, but it rarely affects my sales since the items are not high priced. So far, I have made around $80 selling items online, and have sold 9 items, my most recent being yesterday (see photo above). Its a great way to minimize and make some money in the process. I am not looking to make a lot of money here, but I am also not wanting to give most of this stuff away for free to Goodwill, although the main aim is to get it out of my house. If you are considering selling a lot of items, I would suggest buying envelopes in a larger quantity. I know I sell mine in bubble envelopes, and I usually get 4 to 6 packs from Target for a cheaper price than buying individually. In addition, if you do not have time to stop some where to put on postage, half.com has an option with Paypal to print off postage right off of your computer. I am sure there are many other multiple ways of selling your stuff, but I prefer half.com due to my laziness. Good luck!

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