Friday, July 11, 2008

Traveling Hotel-free

Looking to travel the world but don't have the money to pay for hotels and lodging? If you're feeling brave and desperate, give the Couch Surfing Project a chance. I have a friend who traveled through Europe this summer for 3 weeks by sleeping on spare couches and beds of people he met through this website online. Simply log on, create a profile, and search for people living in your destination. I was even tempted to cancel my hotel for my own trip next month knowing it could save me $500. My friend told me it was a good experience, he and his girlfriend stayed with various people, and said there was the occasional weirdo (but not in a horror movie way), but it is definitely an experience that will give you memories of your trip (and my friend is obviously still alive). Profiles give extensive information about the potential person you will be staying with, reviews of other people who have stayed with them, and photos of what they even have for you to sleep on. So instead of staying at the Hilton on your next trip, give a local a chance to show you the town.

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