Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Go Paperless

I know most cell phone companies offer this option of paperless billing, and perhaps some of your other local cable and utilities companies offer it as well. I just joined AT&T last month, and I see it as a good option to take. Most wireless bills are pages upon pages long due to your cell phone log and detailed list of everything on your plan and its charge. When you sign up for your account online, you have access to everything, and on AT&T I can even change my rate plan and features of my plan that I want to add or get rid of, so it saves that annoying trip to the store. To go paperless, typically all you have to do is sign up for an account online, and select the option to go paperless. Usually you will get an email when there is a new bill for the month.

In addition to going to paperless billing, also consider paying your bills online. I know it might be a scary thought about giving bank or credit card information, but usually even financial institutions have some sort of bill pay system, and they already have your information, so try that first if you are scared about giving away personal information. It will save you money on writing checks, and the stamps you use to mail those bills. Another way of saving on stamps is to bring your bill to a local bill pay center. Where I live, the majority of bills can be paid at your local grocery store service desk, which I am at the grocery store frequently anyways, as I am sure you are too. See what are options where you live, most companies will post online where you can pay their bills without using stamps.

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