Monday, July 7, 2008

In the beginning...

Welcome to my blog I have created to document my (attempt at) turning from a shopaholic to a frugal, green girl. I hope you will join me in my quest to budget money while helping the Earth to my fullest potential and feel free to follow along with any tips, ideas, or plans I may use on here.

Before I start, I will let you know a little bit about myself. I am a 24 year old graduate student at a large Midwestern university (FYI - money is already tight). I have a husband, and a large Labrador retriever. I am trying to earn my Ph.D., and will be in school for quite some time before making the big bucks. My husband and I are both horrible spenders and lack self-control when it comes to buying things, which is a big problem. What can I say? I love stuff! So anyway, I am sure you will learn more about me as I go, but lets jump in to the good stuff.

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