Thursday, July 10, 2008

Save Money for Your Dog or Cat

PetCo has a nice program for dog and cat food that can help save you some money. Basically, when you buy 10 bags of food with your PetCo PALS card (free program) you get one free. This can be a good deal, but be sure to calculate the catches.
First, the deal is that 10 bags have to be purchased in a 12 month period. I know my large breed dog does not eat 10-40 lb. bags in a 12 month time frame. (Being a Lab comes with eating a lot of food, and buying 20 lb bags or less really doesn't make sense.) So if you buy a smaller amount for your dog or cat, or if you have multiple dogs or cats, you could have a good deal on your hands.
Second, if you buy a regular type of food that you can pick up at other stores, check to make sure that it is worth it. The food we buy is available at Target for $33, and at PetCo it runs for $38 (Although this week I caught it on sale at PetCo for $31), so over the course of time, make sure that you are getting a deal in the long run by going with the expensive pet store price.
Third, if you like organic dog or cat food, PetCo is known for many different organic/natural/holistic brands (the "All-Natural" aisle) that you would most likely not find anywhere else. The only issue I am having with the all-natural food is their lack of specific food. For example, my dog being a large breed should be on large breed food, mostly due to prevent joint pain later in life and other problems. From what I have seen, natural foods do not offer large breed formulas. But anyways, regular or organic, you can keep track of the food you have purchased as a part of the programs on or it can be found on the receipt when you use your PetCo PALS card (see photo). So if you have a PetCo nearby, look for a potential deal for your pet.

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