Sunday, August 24, 2008

With the Upcoming Election Season...

Now, as you know this blog is not about politics, however, with the upcoming election and the environmental issues associated with it, I thought this entry could deem appropriate. Our candidates have very different proposals regarding laws and proposals on the environment, oil-drilling in the Arctic, use of renewable energy sources, etc., and it is definitely something worth paying attention to. I'm not going to tell you to vote for McCain or Obama (or anyone else, for the matter), but what I am going to tell you is to make sure you are educated about the issues at stake here, and how it is a reflection of your personal values. These people will effect the beautiful world you live in, and its future.

My husband ran across a stellar website,, which is designed to be a non-partisan source that evaluates speeches and statements of presidential candidates and other politicians regarding their opponents or their own stance on issues. Please give it a look when you have the time, before you get sick of seeing all of those political ads! ;) It's truly a good resource for those already caught up in the he-said, she-said business.

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