Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home Drying

Today on my journey out, I decided to purchase a clothing dryer rack. Primitive, I know, but I am slowly realizing that going green is a lot of going back to the way things were before there were modern conveniences, like dryers. I remember many times as a kid when my mom would hang laundry to dry out on the line, and how wonderful it smelled, especially bed sheets. Mmmmm... Nothing beats the smell of sun dried laundry, I don't know what it is about it that brings out the wonderful clean smell. So anyways, our dryer is so inefficient as is, (typically taking around 90 minutes to dry one freakin' load) I thought this could be an awesome venue to try. Putting clothes on a drying rack is not limited to someone with a house either, anyone living in a space no matter how small can work this into their life due to the drying rack's collapsability. Getting a drying rack is also a very wise and cheap choice for two big reasons: 1) you wont be paying as high of electric bill, and b) you being green by are conserving energy.

In my area during this time of year, it is usually around 96 degrees everyday. I washed a blanket before my in-laws came last week and it dried in a little over an hour hanging it over my back patio fence. Drying outside is especially great for the summer, since it is so hot out and the sun does all the work. In the winter, you can dry inside, it will just obviously take longer without a sun.

But then my clothes will take forever to dry, you say? Drying clothes inside will typically take about 24 hours, and if you are running into a "clothes emergency" that frequently, then you need to plan better :)

Anyways, go check out the laundry section of your local department store and pick up one of these bad boys, they are fairly cheap, and will save you loads of money on electricity in the long run, and by the by, helping conserve energy.

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SophiaOnFire said...

Ah, you are so right! I keep meaning to set up a line and just haven't taken the time to do it yet. Soon! :)