Friday, August 1, 2008

Cook that food with great web recipes

I have been slowly trying to make myself cook and bake more, especially since its (a) healthier, (b) saves money, and (c) can be partially, if not wholly, organic.

I would really like to recommend if you are looking for a great recipe exchange website. Whats even better, is that users are allowed to post reviews of recipes, that way you know which ones are better than others. I found an amazing recipe for pumpkin bread on there, and I am continuing to look for things that I or my husband could eat.

They even have recipes for people with special diets, like I, for example, am always looking for foods and meals with high fiber due to a gastro-intestinal condition, where there are recipes as well as tips on how to incorporate fiber into a meal without even noticing it.

Give a look and see what good stuff you can find!

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