Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I'm becoming one of those people...

Just a brief observation I would like to share with you that I have noticed about myself in the past month...I am really starting to care about what other people are or are not doing for the environment. I cringed when I saw how many plastic bottles of soda my in-laws brought with them, and even more when they did not throw the caps away... no one seems to know that plastic bottles need the caps removed to be recycled. I see plastic bottles of water and I want to tell people to get reusable ones, and if they are using reusable ones, I want to check it's number on the bottom. Good thing or not, I am becoming much more aware of how wasteful and unaware other people (as well as myself) are to the world around us.

But in other news, I got back from heading to the recycling center, mostly to recycle massive amounts of cardboard and aluminum cans. I still hate how this community does not recycle collectively, you have to take things to a recycling center and not get anything in return except the comfort of knowing you did what you could for the Earth in your own mind. Does anyone know of ways to start a program in their community?

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