Thursday, August 7, 2008

Making that list of free activities

A great way to start some preventative ways of saving money is to have a list of activities to do in your area that are free. That way, when you feel like doing something, you have your list of things to do right there, and you know you don't have to spend money to have a good time. Most free things to do are maybe so obvious you have over looked them. Here are a few from my own area, and maybe they can inspire some for yours:
  • Take the dog to the dog park and enjoy nature!
  • Play at the Frisbee golf course
  • Go to your local library and rent some movies or get some books to read
  • Watch for "free days" at local museums
  • Make a postcard for PostSecret
  • Learn a craft or art you have been meaning to take up
  • Read a book on your shelf that you havent read yet
  • Walk downtown (but NO shopping)
  • Start/write entry in blog!
So there you go, start your own list so that some day when you are bored, you can remember to enjoy the things in life that are free.

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