Thursday, September 25, 2008

Verdict: The Diva Cup - Two Green Thumbs up!

After spending the past few days with my little silicone cup, I found that I have come to like it a lot! I was incredibly skeptical, just because I think all women have issues down there, and we're all different. I wasn't sure if this would work with my weird body. It does take a few days to get the hang of using, and it will seem a little strange to use at first, but it has been VERY effective in its purpose. I desperately want to tell people how great this invention is because I feel that much better about producing less waste for the environment! Anyways, here are some of the pluses and minuses experiences I have had this past week with the Diva Cup.

Plus: No, absolutely no, leaks. Not even a little bit. I'll have the confidence to possibly ditch the pantyliners next time around. Hands down though, I've never seen anything like this before, and its friggin' awesome!

Minus: I'm still finding a bit of difficulty with removal, but again, I think that's something that takes time to get the hang of. It usually doesn't take me longer than a minute to remove after using it only a few days.

Plus: The cup can stay in place for 12 HOURS! Which means that if you are in a place where you don't have access to a private bathroom and sink, you likely won't need to remove it until you get home. However, the Diva Cup comes with a full set of instructions on cleaning and changing your cup in places other than your own bathroom, don't worry!

Minus: If you sleep with it in, it might take a few hours in the morning for gravity to pull it down, which can be a little scary, so I would recommend trying the cup out first during the day time hours rather than at night. With experience, you'll learn how it will work with your body.

Other pluses: Talk about less waste! This cup provides all of the benefits of tampons without the waste or TSS risks. Every year, an estimated 12 billion sanitary pads and 7 billion tampons go into our landfills, furthermore poluting with some of the toxic ingredients used to make these products. Think of the difference you and a few of the friends you tell (and the few friends they tell) would make a difference by not contributing to that waste. You don't need to get a hybrid car to make an impact on the environment. In addition, we are also talking about great money savings too! Women spend on average $150 - $200 a year on disposable feminine hygene products. I payed $30 for my Diva Cup and will expect to see a savings of $50+, and the following year will see even more because the Diva Cup can be reused again and again!

I want to thank the fellow reader again who suggested this idea, it is such a wonderful alternative and it has been a great inspiration for my blog these past few weeks. I hope this will encourage fellow female readers to look for healthy alternatives for feminine hygene products for the environment. Check a couple of posts down if you missed it!

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