Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tips for this week

I have been thinking about some things I have been telling people to do over these past few weeks, and forgetting about my lovely readers here at Frugal Green Girl! Anyways, here is a summary of some tips for saving some money from my experiences over the past few weeks:
  • If your a woman (or a high maintenance man), hair products can cost a load of money every month, especially wearing top brands like Paul Mitchell. If you are looking for a cheaper way to get these same products without the ungodly price, check out your local Sally's Beauty Supply. They offer a whole section of "generic value products" (come in black and white bottles) that will even say on them "Compare to: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum". There is literally a whole wall of these products and I would recommend to give them a look especially if you have a daily assortment of expensive product.
  • Podcasts. If you haven't been around this area on iTunes yet, give it a look. There is a podcast out there for everybody, and the majority of them are absolutely free. I had a friend who didn't have a radio with him at the gym but liked to listen to NPR while he exercised. They had NPR podcasts, problem solved! You can take Spanish lessons, catch up on shows you missed, or find out ways to be more green! Ask for a subscription and it will automatically download new podcasts everytime you open iTunes, or ones you don't have yet. If you ever wanted to take a class in your spare time, podcasts are a great place to find what you are looking for without the price.
  • I've also been disturbed lately by the high amounts of dog crap I see around my apartment complex, which allows dogs. For some reason people believe that since it's waste matter that it will decompose on its own and be okay just leaving it, since its done in nature too with wild animals. Well, those animals do not eat processed foods or human food for that matter, and it will not decompose properly. So be sure to pick up after your animal with biodegradable bags, they make them quite handy these days. For more ways to green your pet, check out this article at Planet Green. A lot of these tips are easier than you think, like adopting from a shelter, spaying or neutering your pet, keeping your dog on a leash or the cat inside, or simply putting ID tags on your pet are many ways to be green.
Hope your weekend has been treating all of you well, and I hope to post again sometime this week.

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