Sunday, September 14, 2008

Follow Up to Friday

For those of you who read Friday's post and was left curious, I decided to investigate further for more green feminine hygiene products at my local co-op today. While I left the store with a Diva cup, which I am excited to try out, there are a couple of other products out there for "greener" periods. First, there are washable pads. You would likely have to buy a decent store of them, and at my co-op they were about $10 each, however, you will have to see them as an investment, just like those who use cloth diapers, which I also hope to write on eventually as well. If the idea of washing them grosses you out, a lot of times there are services out there that can do the dirty work for you, like places that clean cloth diapers. For an online directory, check out this website. Next, there are pads and tampons that are "chlorine-free" and organic cotton pads. Obviously these are an option, however, they will cost you some chunk change every month, since most organic products cost more than their regular counterparts. Since I am all about saving money and the environment at the same time, I opted for the Diva Cup since it fits the bill.

When I actually get to try out the Diva Cup, I will leave a product review here, for all of you who might be contemplating the switch as well. Thanks for all of your feedback and ideas!

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