Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pandora: Radio of the Future?

So either I found out I must not be around my friends enough (which could be true), or I am behind the times, because I have finally discovered Pandora Internet Radio (! Now that I am back at school, I find myself sitting in offices for long periods of time, and Pandora has been helpful in making life less dull. At Pandora, you can create your own internet radio station, and you can rate songs as you like (and they will look for similar ones in the future) or you can say you don't like it and they will take the song out. Commercials are minimal, however, you can even pay for a membership if you want all the benefits, including no commercials.

Radio stations are created by you entering the song title or an artist you like. If you create a profile, you can save all of the radio stations you have created. There are also "shared stations" which run different genres or decades of music.

I am big into music, so this has been a really refreshing experience for me. Its great to hear new songs, or ones that you haven't heard in a while. Nowadays, you don't have to own every piece of music you like to hear it, you can just make your own radio station! I am pretty convinced this is the future of music as we know it, in terms of radio. Pandora even has compatible devices so you do not have to listen on a computer, but your own home stereo, table-top radios, or other products, like the iPhone. If you're stuck at a computer a lot, like myself, consider giving Pandora a try, its free awesomeness!

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